Turkey Healthcare System

Turkish Healthcare system:
Turkey currently is seeking to access the Eropean Union. The governmental or the private health institutions adopt a strict system for implementing the quality of medical & technical standards.
Turkish Ministry of Health monitors in collaboration with Turkish medical societies the local standards & guidelines that the Hospitals & Healthcare Institutions will follow.
Turkish Ministry of Health have about 55% of Turkish Hospitals which appreciate in more than 1200 hospitals, while the rest of institutions belong to universities, private companies, and foreign destinations.
Why Turkish Associations are professional?
Turkey is strategically placed at the meeting point between Europe & Asia, It is especially becoming a hub for hair transplant surgery
The Turkish hospitals offer their services according to the international quality standards (JCI), There are 50 health institutions in turkey offer many   services with high technology compatible with European standards, so Turkey occupies second place globally the number of health institutions accredited.
According to the latest figures, the number of tourists who visit the country for medical treatment exceeds 500,000.
Turkey provides high quality medical institutions, resorts & healthcare services, and offer 5 star hotels at the same time.
Turkey became the most choosen destination for patients who come from European contries: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, Netherland, Romania,  Bulgaria, The Middle Eastern countries & Arab contries.
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