Success Factors of Medical Tourism

The most important success factors of the medical tourism in Turkey:
Are the Accredited Medical Centers by (JCI), then the highest number of health facilities accredited by the Joint Commission International ensures travelers for treatment services and infrastructure of high quality provided by the hospitals own medical staff.
In Addition, the offered prices are very compatitive, you can see that the medical care in Turkey prices are very competitive compared to their counterparts in Western Europe countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria and Italy.
As well, the culture of the country and the hospitality of its people; Turkey was and still a gateway between East and West, and famous for warmth and hospitality of its people.

Strengths of Turkey:
These are the main reasons why many foreigners seeking for medical treatment in Turkey:
Low Cost of Treatment:
The costs of treatment in Turkey is a worth fraction of the cost in most Western countries, typically cost 20-50% less than their counterparts in the West, These costs allow a part of the tourist's budget for the period of convalescence even enjoy.
The high quality of health care services:
Over recent years, the private sector in Turkey establish a growing number of medical facilities that can be compared with those of the world's leading hospitals.
The country has many hospitals serving the medical tourism, In addition to a large number of dental and cosmetic surgery clinics, and other medical centers specialized in alternative medicine.
Well-developed tourist infrastructure:
Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, where it is a committee of the charming beaches and beautiful landscapes, The country has a rich culture and a wonderful kitchen, and the citizens are friendly to foreigners.
If it has not been the integration of these wonderful medical services tourist features, therapeutic tourism sector in Turkey was not up to such developments.

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