Why Thailand

Why Medical Tourism in Thailand?


Being one the leading destinations around the world for affordable vacations, Thailand has become a go-to spot for people from every corner of the Globe. Not only is it beautiful, boasts tons of tourist attractions and luxury hotels, it also has tapped into the market of medical tourism. Currently one of the top dominators of the field here is a list of the top six reasons for Thailand’s success.


1. Affordability- The number one reason for medical tourism is affordability or expertise that is not available in your home country. Medical procedures in Thailand are 40-70 percent cheaper than that of the USA or Australia. This is mostly due in part to the cheaper cost of labor. For example, a knee replacement in Australia is $25 thousand whereas in Thailand it would cost $12 thousand.


2. Location- Thailand is at the center of regional medical tourism hub, shared with Malaysia, Singapore and India. Which came together to promote medical tourism in the region has benefited Thailand greatly because it was already considered the leader in the industry.


3. Skilled Doctors and Staff- As all medical professionals should be the training provided to all surgeons, doctors, physicians and paramedical is globally accepted. As well as making use of the latest technologies and procedures all staff is licensed and accredited, some of which are qualified by other countries including the USA.


4. Quality of Services- being a well-serviced tourist destination Thailand provides the same excellence when it comes to their medical services. Major hotels cater to patients with five-star care during their visit.


5. Alternative treatments- many holistic and alternative treatments are offered as well as complementary therapies that range from eastern and western traditional medicines. Promoting spiritual and physical well being.


6. Tourist Destination- at the end of your procedure recovery is the most important and a place like Thailand makes it perfect for you. With many sites to see exotic islands and food, it would be like waiting for affordable luxury.



Featured Hospitals of Thailand

Here are some of the top hospitals in Thailand.


Bumrungrad Hospital a place who's named literally means “to care for the people”, located in Bangkok, it is a multiple specialty medical center. Since being established it has served over five hundred thousand patients from more than one hundred ninety countries. Totaling around one thousand two hundred doctors, more than half of which have international training and two hundred holding the American Medical Council accreditation.


Bangkok Hospital Pattaya a highly distinguished center that has the capacity to provide specialized medical care, involving advanced and complex procedures and treatments performed by medical specialists in state-of-the-art facilities Located in the Pattaya area which is well known for its beaches, this hospital sees more that one hundred thousand foreign patients every year. Staff members are fully trained to accommodate a wide range of languages, currently a four hundred bedded facility it lover looks the bay where patients are sure to enjoy the view.


Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital a hospital brand such as the Hilton, is well known throughout Thailand for its luxury facilities.  Providing international-standard healthcare with JCI accreditation it is an award-winning facility. Samitivej Sukhumvit provides a comprehensive range of services ranging from primary to tertiary care. With 270 beds, 87 examination suites and over 1,200 caregivers. Its wide range of highly advanced medical equipment complements the hospital’s skilled team of caregivers and specialists.



Common Medical Procedures


Many go to Thailand seeking simple cosmetic procedures while others are in need of more complicated surgeries. Thailand does it all and is among the best.


  • Cosmetic Surgery- a fraction of the price compared to most western countries, from facelifts to rhinoplasty all services are professionally done.


  • Dental procedures- adhering to global medical standards many have made it their business to have dental procedures done while vacationing in Thailand. They are able to take of all your dental needs from simple cleaning to complex surgeries.


  • Infertility Treatment- Common procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra- Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Preimplantation


  • Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) can be done in Thailand with a high success rate at significantly lower prices than in other developed countries.


  • Bariatric Surgery- A weight loss essential for people with uncontrollable eating habits, gastric by or lap banding can easily be done.


  • Ophthalmology- Lasik treatments and cataract removal are also sought after. Procedures are performed with great care and attention.



Healthcare Packages


A person’s health is one of the most important things in life and as such Memphis Tours seek to provide individuals with the best advice and arrangements necessary from start to finish of having any medical procedures done. With our partners, we make the hassle of preparing for such a trip easier. Our List of comprehensive procedures provides you with hospital stay days and prices.

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