Ways to Choose the Right Hospitals

Choosing the right hospital or clinic:
When selecting your destination, research and recommendations are key to making sure you get the best out of your decisions.
The first step is to understand your desires for medical travel, what can be done to help you? Lots of research is needed, it is best to coordinate with your local physician and then look at which facilities offer the services you need.
You must also remember your visa issues and timing when selecting a country to have your procedures done; sometimes recovery process or multiple treatment processes can be long.
Accreditation of the Hospital:
It is most important to be guaranteed high-quality medical services, accreditation through institutions such as Joint Commission International (JCI), and International Organization Standards (ISO) is absolutely necessary.
Hospital Service and Facilities
Questions that you should always consider:
  • Where will the treatment be done (in private hospital or clinic)?
  • Is there an emergency vehicle within the hospital?
  • What is the kind of available rooms/ Are there private suites and rooms?
  • Is there an intensive care unit in the hospital?
  • Are there any deals with hospitals or international health institutions?
  • Do they have the latest equipment and diagnostic tools?
  • Do they offer the appropriate medical treatment?
  • Are the medicines being used consistent with international standards?
  • Will they be able to communicate in a language you understand?
  • What kind of aftercare and services will be provided?
  • Is it necessary for a family member or friend to accompany me?
  • Would I be able to do any after surgery actives and if so what kind?
Medical records:
Medical records like other standard facilities would be documented and provided to you with a complete overview from start to finish.
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