What's kidney stone treatment?

Urology surgery:

It is a surgical treatment of diseases of the male and female urinary tract.

* Methods to treat kidney stones:

Open surgery to treat kidney stones:

  • The patient is under general anesthesia and one incision is made on his back and the stone is extracted through an incision in the kidney or ureter.
  • Recovery usually takes several weeks.

Ureteroscopic kidney stone removal:

  • Used to treat stones in the middle and lower ureter.
  • Ureteroscopic is passed through the urethra and bladder into the ureter.
  • If the stone is small it is removed and if it is large it is fragmented.
  • For rapid healing and prevention of blockage from fragments, swelling or spasm we put a small tube or stent in the ureter for few days.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCN):

  • The patient is under local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Removal of kidney stones through the skin by a needle and a guide wire.
  • The stone is fragmented and removed.
  • It is used for medium and large stones.
  • The patient is usually hospitalized and recovery occurs within 2 weeks.
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