What Is Open Appendectomy?

Open Appendectomy:

Appendectomy is surgical removal of the vermiform appendix.
Appendectomy is an emergency procedure due to acute appendicitis.

When do we use laparoscopy for the appendectomy?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive instrument used when the diagnosis is done and when the patient wants to hide the scars in the umbilicus or pubic hair.
Recovery is little quicker than open surgery but laparoscopy is more expensive and has the complications of pneumonia peritoneum due to inflating the abdomen with gas.

The procedures of the open appendectomy:

  • Antipoetic is given when there is a sign of sepsis or it is given as a single dose prophylactic before surgery.
  • General anesthesia with endotracheal intubation and full muscle relaxation, the patient is put I supine position. 
  • Abdomen prepared and examined under anesthesia.
  • If there is a mass an inspection is made over it otherwise we use McBurney’s  incision which is one-third of the way of the anterior superior iliac spine and amplicons, it is the position over the base of the appendix.
  • Open various layers of abdominal all preserving the integrity of the abdominal wall muscles.  
  • Enter the peritoneum the appendix is identified mobilized ligated and divided at its base.
  • Close layers of the abdominal wall intern.
  • Skin is closed with staples or stitches. 
  • The wound is dressed.

  The recovery time:

  • Average hospital stay is 2 days.
  • When it is perforated (ruptured appendix ) average hospital stay from 2 to 5 days.
  • Within three weeks you can restore complete activity.
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