Vascular Procedures in Thailand


Vascular catheter A thin flexible plastic tube that is inserted into your vein and remains there for repeated access to the vein. The catheter allows easy access to a patient’s bloodstream for medical uses.

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      Length of Stay    
1 A-V Graft LOS 1 night 1 4,223
2 A-V Fistula LOS 1 night 1 3,914
3 Permanent cath with Neuroleptic Anesthesia LOS 1 night 1 3,399
4      Port A Cath insertion with Neuroleptic Anesthesia LOS 1 night      1 3,605

*The hospital holds the right to change the price without prior notice.


  • This price includes operating room, recovery room, medical supply, medicine for the specific operation, surgeon team and anesthesiologist team only.
  • This price includes standard inpatient room, nursing service, package food, medicine, medical equipment, medical supply which reqire for the specific operation.
  • This price includes Implant and special medical supply.
  • This price includes Home medication for the specific operation. (not include the medicine for the underlying)
  • We require the Patient to be evaluated for medical clearance before surgery by an Internal Physician. This is an additional cost.
  • This price does not include the Specialist Consultant fee.
  • The treatments cost for any patient's underlying or related conditions or complications relating surgery will incur an additional charge, will be the patient responsible.
  • This price  excludes Special medical supply, implants, Laboratory and other investigation.
  • In case the patient stay in the Intensive Care Unit longer than the package require due to his/her condition, all the cost will be cjarge direct to the patient and can not be deduct from the package price.
  • This price does not include Pathology, laboratory test and Pathologist charge.
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