Gastroscopy procedures in Thailand


Memphis Tours helps you to Get high-quality Gastroscopy Surgeries in Thailand which are done by certified surgeons to examine the swallowing tube, stomach and first part of the small intestine. Send Your Request Now!

   Length of Stay       
    1 Gastroscopy     0      417      
2 Colonoscopy 611      
3 Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy 0


4 NBI Gastroscopy 0 528      

NBI Colonoscopy

0 722      
6 NBI Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy 0 1,111   


0 353      
8 High Resolution Esophageal Mamometry 0 539      


Bravo Capsule and Gastroscopic Admit 1 Night


10     High Resolution Esophageal Manometry and Bravo Capsule and Gastroscopy     1 1,750   
11 Capsule Endoscopy Admit 1 Night 1 1,917   

*The hospital holds the right to change the price without prior notice.


  • Operating and recovery room charges, medical supplies and drugs prescribed for the surgery, surgical team and anesthesiologist   fees directly related to the procedure.
  • Hospital in-patient services: standard room and board only, including medical and nursing fees, other medical facilities and devices, medical supplies, and drugs prescribed by doctors as per the procedure. Extra charges apply in cases of room or time changes requested by the patient.
  • Intensive or intermediate care unit (for the disease being treated only).
  • Home medications.
  • Costs incurred before and after valid period of the plan.
  • Specialist’s consultation fees (if any).
  • Extra medical expenses necessary for the patient’s specific pre-existing conditions and other costs related to non-covered surgical treatment, eg, medical supplies and consumables, prosthesis, implants, appliances and orthotic devices, laboratory and tests, radiological diagnostics, etc, are the patient’s responsibility after the promotional discount (if any).
  • Histopathological examination.
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