Chest Diagnostics in Thailand


EBUS Diagnose in Chest Diagnostics helping identify inflammatory diseases that affect lungs diagnosing and staging lung cancer.
Through a technique known as transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) to obtain tissue or fluid samples from the lungs and surrounding lymph nodes without conventional surgery. Send Your Request Now!

NO Procedure LOS Nights  USD 
1 EBUS ( Guide Sheath) GA LOS 1 night 1 4944
2 EBUS ( TBNA) GA  LOS 1 night 1 6695
3 EBUS ( TBNA and Guide Sheath) GA LOS 1 night 1 9373

**The hospital holds the right to change the price without prior notice.

Benefits of EBUS

  • The accuracy and speed of the EBUS procedure lends itself to rapid onsite pathologic evaluation Pathologists in the operating room can process and examine biopsy samples as they are obtained and can request additional samples to be taken immediately if needed
  • It provides real-time imaging of the surface of the airways, blood vessels, lungs, and lymph nodes
  • The improved images allow the physician to easily view difficult-to-reach areas and to access more, and smaller, lymph nodes for biopsy with the aspiration needle than through conventional mediatinoscopy

    Sedation And Recovery 

  • EBUS is performed under moderate sedation or general anesthesia
  • Patients recover quickly and can usually go home on the same day 
  • This price includes operating room, recovery room, medical supply, medicine for the specific operation, surgeon team and anesthesiologist team only.
  • This price includes standard inpatient room, nursing service, package food, medicine, medical equipment, medical supply which reqire for the specific operation.
  • This price includes Home medication for the specific operation. (not include the medicine for the underlying)
  • We require the Patient to be evaluated for medical clearance before surgery by an Internal Physician. This is an additional cost.
  • This price does not include the Specialist Consultant fee.
  • The treatments cost for any patient's underlying or related conditions or complications relating surgery will incur an additional charge, will be the patient responsible.
  • This price excludes Special medical supply, implants, Laboratory and other investigation.
  • In case the patient stay in the Intensive Care Unit longer than the package require due to his/her condition,
  • all the cost will be cjarge direct to the patient and can not be deduct from the package price.
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