Jordan as Medical Destination

Jordan the most chosen medical destination:
Jordan was ranked by the World Bank to be the number one health care services provider in the region and among the top 5 in the world, as well as being the top medical tourism destination in the Middle East and North Africa.
Jordan has an advanced healthcare system, although services remain highly concentrated in Amman. Treatment costs could be as low as 25 percent of costs in the US.
Medical tourism in Jordan is further aided by high quality data transfer between leading medical establishments in Jordan and those in Europe.
Jordan is particularly safe for tourists, despite its proximity to more volatile neighbors, so it’s considered the lowest crime rate in the region.
Its healthcare system is a mix of both private and public institutions with 70 percent of Jordanians having medical insurance after 2007. Jordan has many modern hospitals. 64 private hospitals have earned national accreditation, with 9 having international accreditation.
Jordan Associations:
The Ministry of Health and the judicial authority cooperated to find a radical solution for this issue; violence against doctors on duty is now considered a crime.
Doctors working at the Health Ministry should not to be referred to retirement before the age of 65 unless they are in administrative posts.
Experienced Jordanian doctors are sought after in Arab Gulf countries, which means that the association and the ministry have to improve the living conditions of these doctors so they remain in the Kingdom.
The JMA also seeks to increase the financial incentives awarded to public sector physicians, he added, noting that the ministry hired more than 600 doctors over the past three months.
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