Jordan Health Care System

Jordan healthcare system:
Healthcare and treatment in Jordan is generally excellent and there is an extremely high level of medical care, because all doctors were accredited and were have trained in parts of Europe and North America.
Jordan’s health system is a complex amalgam of three major sectors: Public, private, and donors.
The public sector consists of two major public programs that finance as well as deliver care: the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Royal Medical Services (RMS).
The main provider of health services in Jordan is the public sector, complemented by the private sector, international and charitable organizations such as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), non-government organizations (NGOs), and other charitable societies.
Health spending in Jordan is high when compared to other MENA and middle-income countries. Overall spending has increased in nominal terms over the past six years and has grown slightly more rapidly than GDP.
Pioneer hospitals in Jordan:
Jordan has several hospitals with international accreditations such as Joint Commission International and ISO certification. 
The country is also whole-hearted pursuing efforts to attract more tourists from nearby countries, which include training hospital staff to communicate in English, Arabic, French…etc and offering high quality and cheap services.
HCAC is accredited by ISQua itself, which is recognized as a high level accreditation of quality even by the American Medical Association.
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