Orthopedic Surgeries


Memphis Tours Offers You The Best Orthopedic Surgeries (Knee Joint Replacement, Anterior Cruciate Ligament And Hip Joint Replacement) With Experienced Doctors At Pioneer Hospitals With Professional Techniques. 


Procedure price
Knee Joint Replacement With Rehabilitation Program $15900 -12200
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery $10300 - 9600
Hip Joint Replacement With Rehabilitation Program $25000 - 1500




  • Prices are indicative and the actual quote will be given only after a complete examination of the patient or after reviewing the medical records. 
  • All services are chargeable in Euro.
  • The packages cover the cost of treatment in the Hospital i.e. for the 'Days spent in Hospital' indicated against each procedure. 
  • Any stay outside the Hospital shall not be covered.








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