Our Services


Your health is our priority and we provide you exclusive medical care, performing any tests or examinations your require.

  • Preliminary Consultations
    Patients are requested to send their relevant medical documents to Memphis Tours for preliminary consultations which will be sent to the German doctors.
  • Selecting the Right Medical Centre
    Memphis Tours identifies the medical center most appropriate to the patient's needs.
  • Evaluation
    Those documents will be evaluated by one of our German doctors.
  • Offer for Special Treatment
    After this qualified evaluation, the patient will be made on offer for the needed treatment in a specific clinic in Germany.
  • Handling Fees for Travel Arrangements, the Organization, and All Formalities: 3% - 5% of the total offering price.
  • Visa
    Memphis Tours assists the patient with visa application by preparing the necessary documentations, it also assists with in-situ visa extensions if needed.
  • Escort, Interpretation and Translation Services
    Memphis Tours ensures that the patient is completely at ease in a largely foreign environment. This includes personal escorts in between locations, a personal interpreter as well as translation services for medical files.
  • Accommodation Services
    Memphis Tours assists in accommodation arrangements of all types, depending on the patient's needs and financial capacity.
  • Legal Services
    Memphis Tours provides legal protection for the patient’s legal interests during his/her stay in Germany.
  • Transportation and Sightseeing Services
    Memphis Tours ensures the patient a personal welcome at the relevant port of entry. Moreover and upon request, Memphis Tours arranges tours in Germany and provides the patient with a rented vehicle and private driver.
  • Post-care Relationship Management
    Memphis Tours is always at hand to ensure that any outstanding query or need following the patient's treatment is adequately addressed, even in his or her home country.
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